New Balance has flipped the switch this year, effortlessly cementing itself as a brand that belongs in every collection. That’s why we’ve added NB to site and you can officially list your 550s, 327s, 920s and more on Laced! Yep, any silhouette, any colourway, any collab; you can even let us know if a model is missing from site and we’ll get it added for you.

Easy as 1, 2, 3(27), just follow these simple steps to list your New Balance:

1: Create an Account

You’ll need an account! If you’re not already set up with us, sign up by clicking ‘Log In’ at the top right of our homepage. Then, just hit ‘Sign Up’ at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. 

2: Hit Sell

To list an item, click ‘My Laced’ at the top right of the homepage. Then, you’ll need to hit the ‘Selling’ tab. Next, you’ll see some clickable text that says ‘Sell Items’ – you know what to do. 

3: Find Your Shoe!

Now, type in the brand name, silhouette style and colourway of the sneaker you want to sell – if we have it on-site, it’ll then be listed below (if it’s not listed, head to the next step below). You’ll then be able to click ‘Select Product’ which will take you through to a page where you can select the size and chosen price of the shoe! We told you it was easy. 

4: Not There?

If the shoe you want to sell isn’t listed, click here and you’ll be taken to a spreadsheet where you can request that the item be added to site. We’ll do all the hard work and let you know when that particular style is ready to sell! 

5: The Home Stretch

Once your product is sold, you’ll have strictly two days to send it to us for authentication, or there are consequences! (Seriously.) Once we authenticate the item, it’ll be shipped to the buyer and everyone’s happy.