StockX try to cover up Hacking

If you have an account with StockX it is very likely that you would have recently received an email from them asking you to reset your password, citing “system updates” as the supposed reason behind this. Unfortunately for the company’s users however, this was not the case. StockX first confirmed that the email was legitimately sent from their server. Not a phishing email as some had suspected yet they still failed to give adequate answers as to why their customers were not forewarned of the imminent system update. A spokesman from StockX eventually conceded that the company had been “alerted to suspicious activity” on its site, declining to comment further. What they were in fact failing to mention, was that StockX was hacked.

StockX Hacked

StockX Hacked: 6 Million User’ Data Exposed

Reports have surfaced claiming that more than 6.8 Million records were stolen from the site in May by a hacker. Zach Whittaker of TechCrunch reports that an unnamed seller contacted him with a sample of 1,000 records from the supposed hacking. Off the back of this TechCrunch contacted individuals expected to be affected by this breach with the personal information that only they would know; including their real names, username combinations and shoe sizes, all of which were confirmed to be accurate.

The stolen data extracted from StockX contained names, email addresses, scrambled password, and other profile information such as shoe size and trading currency. The data also included the user’s device type, such as Android or iPhone, and the software version. Several other internal flags were found in each record such as whether or not the user was banned or if European users had accepted the company’s GDPR message.

Statement from Stockx

In response to these findings, StockX have since acknowledged that “an unknown third party was able to gain access to certain customer data”. The company maintains, however, that no customers financial or payment information has been impacted. Yet some Twitter users are pointing out that fraudulent purchases have been made through their accounts.


A lot of customers were incredibly displeased as to the lack of transparency from StockX over this breach. Some suggested that the company handled the disclosure of the hack unethically, keeping their customers in the dark for as long as they did, might just be the worst possible move for StockX. Hurting their credibility in the long run. While some Security Analysts have highlighted that the vulnerabilities that were exploited on the company’s server could potentially expose holes that were or still are present in their systems and processes. Noting that consumers should be apprehensive about doing business with them going forward because of concerns about data privacy and security.

StockX Hacked

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