Travis Scott and Nike

Nike has a rich history of collaborating with the very best designers, athletes and musicians from around the globe. From Virgil Abloh to Michael Jordan, to Drake and now Houston Born rapper Travis Scott. Nike’s continued ability to associate their products with some of the hottest figures in popular culture has contributed massively to the brands continued success. Something as simple as an endorsement can elevate a release’s mass appeal from mediocre to meteoric. In recent years it has been clear for all to see that the collaborators influence on the scene goes a long way to determining the success of a trainer. The partnership between Travis Scott and Nike is a perfect example of exactly that.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Cactus Jack’

This A-List link-up began in Summer 2018 with fans of the Air Jordan 1 being gifted a much-anticipated collaboration with the SICKO MODE rap star. On the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Cactus Jack’; a tribute to the bygone football team of Travis Scott’s childhood, the Houston Oilers. With a colour scheme which mirrors that of the team’s jersey. Accompanied by a name referencing the record label that helped bring to life the billboard topping success of Travis Scott’s album Astroworld.

Travis Scott and Nike

This Jordan received widespread acclaim and naturally, high levels of excitement. The ‘Cactus Jack’ is just another excellent example of the level of buzz that can be created when you take an already winning product and attach it to something equally as popular. It really is a no-brainer; you put two and two together, you inevitably end up with four and Nike have become experts at doing precisely this.

Travis Scott x Air Force 1

The exposure Travis Scott was receiving in 2018 made a lot of sense for Nike. Two months after the Air Jordan 4 launched Nike came back with the Travis Scott x Air Force 1 in both white and sail colourways. Released as part of the Air Force 1’s 35th Birthday celebrations these two iterations of the classic were once again met with a great deal of excitement. Citing the pairs interchangeable swoosh’s as their most revolutionary feature. Yet to many, what might be seen merely as a standard Air Force 1 was elevated by the name attached to it. With a subtle nod being made to Travis himself with a shiny lace jewel akin to the great rappers signature grill.

Travis Scott and Nike
Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 MOCHA

The success of the collaboration was calculated and undoubted by Nike. Just like so many other great partnerships from the brand. The one between Travis Scott and Nike has been built on the success of their already well-established portfolio, profiting from the popularity of the contributor, in this case Scott himself. After a period of seeming inactivity since Autumn 2018 Nike began once again to tease at a new addition. Appearing on Instagram in the hands of DJ Khalid backstage at a Travis Scott show. As well as across a variety of online media outlets from the turn of the year. It was during Travis Scott’s 2019 Grammy Awards performance however that the hoards of patiently waiting fans finally got a chance to cop the next shoe in this ever-growing collaborative collection.

Travis Scott and Nike

Released on the Nike SNKRS app in naturally limited quantities and with no prior warning the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Mocha’ emerges. Described around the internet as the shoe with the backwards swoosh. This Jordan 1 model creates an entirely new look to this well-established silhouette. Built with a blend of white leather and brown suede with an oversized backwards facing swoosh. One that differs to any other Air Jordan 1 you will find. Additional unique details include a double-layer construction on the collar featuring a hidden stash pocket and Travis Scott’s Flame face logo embossed on the heel.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG

Naturally, with the nature of the surprise release, many flocked to try and get their hands on the fascinating new Air Jordan 1 which led to a widespread suspension of service on the Nike website. So the majority of you wouldn’t be blamed for missing the second surprise Travis Scott had in store for his fans. During his rather impressive performance, Travis was spotted repping a pair of Jordan’s. Not identifiable online as an already available product, The Air Jordan 1 Low in question is of an olive and black makeup with red laces. An incarnation of that model, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG . Which comes in the same colourway as the high top Mocha was released again, seemingly out of nowhere, on July 19th, via the Nike Sneakrs App, quickly selling out.

Travis Scott and Nike
Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React

Well it turns out we might have to wait a while before the next time Travis Scott and Nike team up again. Although, if reports are to be believed it is going to be a good one. According to many sources Travis Scott will be back collaborating with Nike on a version of the Nike Air Max 270 React which has recently debuted to the public. La Flame’s variation of the silhouette won’t be with us til 2020. With no imagery yet to be released for the upcoming pair the information we do have states that the Travis Scott x Nike Air Max 270 React will be available in the full array of family sizes. While speculation suggests the colour palette will follow the same earthy tones of his previous work with Nike and Air Jordan.

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